Friday, August 27, 2010

WoW Raleigh

That's right, World of Warcraft fans will know what i'm talking about. This weekend is the MLG tournament for WoW 3v3 arena. If any of you play you'll know how the meta game has shifted to caster oriented teams. Some people think this style of outlast and wait for a kill is boring, however, I'll still be watching the tournament tomorrow. The stream starts on Saturday night. Schedule can be found here

The tournament is one of the largest collections of e-famous names i've seen in a long time. Featuring all the big names from teams all over the world. Definately go check out the stream if you're a WoW fan.

An intersting variation of comps are playing this tournament. Of course there is always the solid RMPs of the Korean "Loaded (Button Bashers)" with orangemarmalade and numberone. The European RMP of Hydra, Flynn, Kalimist. The legendary Hoodrych playing warrior lock druid. Twixx Flex and Toez running beastcleave and a variety of 2 caster comps. Pretty much all forms of popular makeups will be there, all played by world class players. It's going to be exciting, check it out.

Here we go....

So... my first post. I intend to post various interesting articles, videos, and other news worthy events that I come across. I might throw in some personal stuff if I feel it is worth reading :P

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